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Harness our world class ISP infrastructure. From connectivity to support WireTel has it covered.

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Our services are based upon the proven technology of the Aastra (previously Nortel) CVX 1800 high-performance carrier-class access switches. These units provide up to 2688 ports per shelf and acheive in excess of 98.5% connection success.

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Is your organisation acheiving 500k dial-up ISP minutes per month?

We will beat your existing call share revenue rates. Contact us now to discover how much more revenue you could be earning.

End User Support
Branded, End User Support One of the major overheads in running an ISP can be offering a support service. Let us run your technical support helpline.
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Become an ISP today!
Our VISP (Virtual Internet Service Provider) service offers the best rates. Earn money by offering your own ISP service! Find out more.
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